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Digital solutions

for interactive promotion in the retail and whole sale sector, for industrial and corporate applications and the digital black board used in housing corporations

System solutions for interactive promotion and digitalization

Cutting edge developments of gekartel plc - ready to go solutions from one source

We are the specialist in the development of interactive digital systems for point of sale, retail and wholesale, corporate and industry. We offer you our in-house developed advanced hardware with high vandalism resistance and our customized software.
Our services are custom made to suit the needs of our customers and the desired application. We are happy to provide you with your perfect individual solution.

Individual digital system solutions

for point of sale, retail, corporate, industry and real estate

Based on years of experience, we have built the competence to develop the perfect system solution. It allows us to suit a large varierty of requirements to develop the perfect solution for each customer. We cover various fields of application - starting with tutorial apps at POS, interactive apps for retail rack systems, tablets for production processes up to Smart home systems.