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Here are some business cases to show you the successf operation of our durable tablets in industry and in corporations. Of course all shown cases are approved and authorized by the customer.
However some of our customers do not wish to publish their projects. In these cases we descrbe the application anonymously.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to get in contact with you!

REWE Markt GmbH - tablets for employee information

REWE, system solutions for corporate & industry
REWE Markt GmbH - one of Germany's biggest food retailer -uses the 22" tablets of gekartel in its German branches for employee information and employee management.


Requirements of REWE Markt GmbH

At the start of the project, the retail chain had had clear ideas concerning the standards of the tablets for the daily use in the branches of the chain.
  • Android operating system to be adapted to the existing IT and security infrastructure
  • long-term availability
  • adaption of the tablet cases to the CI of the company
  • automatic initialisation and maintenance of the tablets


Field of application: employee information

The grocery chain uses the tablets across Germany in its stores. The employees register by RFID-Chip at the terminal and get personalized informations which help them with the organisation of their daily as well as general tasks. The employees get the following information:
  •  work instructions
  • general employee information
  • instructions concerning the rack arrangement
  • manuals and instructions
  • option for feedback via input function

Implementation of the project

The resistant tablets of gekartel plc. entirely meet all requirements of the customer and so we compiled a comprehensive project package for  REWE Markt GmbH:
  • production and supply of ca. 6,000 22" tablets for industry and corporate
  • Integration of a RFID reader for the registration of the users at the  tablet terminal
  • adaptation of the Android operating system concerning security, user interface, remote maintenance
  • desigh and programming of an app for the facilitation of the initial installation  to support the customer with the roll-out
  • planning and implementaion of  remote updates of the operating  system
  • roll-out of the application of the supermarket chain on all tablets without interaction via remote system
  • 3rd-level support for all 6,000 tablet terminals in the stores
The whole project has been implemented within six months. All 6,000 terminals are in daily use for employee information with REWE Markt GmbH.

PerFact digitalises your processes – with tablets of gekartel plc.

PerFact, system solutions for corporate & industry
The industry is going through a period of transition. Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are the big challenges  of modern industrial  companies. PerFact Innovation GmbH & Co. KG develops since 1998 professional IT solutions for SMEs. Their customers include companies in plant engineering, automotive, production industry, retail and logistics as well as in the process industry.

PerFact analyses, optimises and digitalises the production processes of their customers based on an own web-based software that accesses the customer's ERP system. In addition, optimal production processes require a modern equipment of the production line as well as efficient information technology, that means hardware and software.
PerFact relies on the durable and high-performant ttablets for industry and corporate of gekartel plc. when it comes to process optimisation. They are an ideal complement to the software competence of the company. The customers of PerFact benefit from a significant price advantage with the implementation costs of the optimised processes.
The following features of the tablets for industry are of particular importance for PerFact:
  • long-tern availability
  • flexible use of diverse interfaces for data collection and stocktaking(sensors)
  • management of production processes (actuators)
  • full control over the Android operating system
  • customer specific  user interface including kiosk mode
  • optional remote monitoring of the tablets
  • installation of updates for apps and the operating system without user interaction (decentralised  updating  via remote control)
After having analysed the requirements and processes,  PerFact develops recommendations for their customers concerning suitable tablets in size and configuration (interfaces and periphery). The customer orders the tablets directly at gekartel plc. gekartel plc. produces and delivers the tablets either to the customer or to PerFact.
Our high-performant tablets can also be used in the course of a test phase. That allows to test and evaluate the optimised process under real conditions.


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