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Successful POS marketing with gekartel plc

In South Korea virtual shopping is already reality. Waiting for the underground customers scan products with their smartphone that will be delivered at their doorstep. Retail giant Tesco is already offering this service today. In Düsseldorf Emmas Enkel started a pilot in virtual shopping at the beginning of 2013. The future of shopping is digital. 

Take a step towards this future! Use the potentials of the interactive product presentation. Make shopping a true experience for your customers with virtual product promotion.
Gekartel plc. provides you with everything you need for successful POS marketing - all from one source: panels and tablet PCs, integrated software and services. All components arel designed to work perfectly together and make the ideal digital signage solution for your POS presentation.

Big brands use our POS All-in-one solutions - start with your own convincing POS presentation now with the gekartel All-in-one offers. Based on our long-term experience we like to introduce you here with some of our successful POS projects.

Start writing your own POS story today with gekartel POS solutions!
Maggi, system solutions for PoS marketing & PoS promotion

Maggi - The digital recipe finder

Appkication and implementation

The customer Nestlé Deutschland AG defined their requirements to the POS marketing solution:

The digital recipe finder arouses interest with the shopper and inspires their shopping with relevant recipe recommendations.The digital recipe finder should awake emotions and simultaneously transport them, attract attention and, in an interesting and exciting way, get recipe recommendations via touchscreen. 

These requirements were implemented in an attractive gondola head installation in the shape of a pot. The heart of the installation is a touchscreen with an interactive recipe finder. Arranges around the display seasonal MAGGI products are presented in an attractive rack display.

A printer directly prints appropriate recipes. The device is neatly integrated in a small pot.

Products & services

  • Consultation in conception of the interactive gondola head
  • Selection of suitable hardware
  • Integration of printer in the overall system
  • Installation of security software
  • Software adaptions
  • Operation monitoring and support
  • Remote content updates
  • Printer fill level monitoring
Maggi, Popai Award winner

Beiersdorf AG, Eucerin - Eucerin Skin Diagnosis

Requirements & concept

Beiersdorf plc. asked us to develop a skin diagnosis terminal to be operated by professional shop staff. Customers answer questions concerning their skin type and get their skin analysed with different sensors that are directly integrated into the terminal. Based on this diagnosis the customer gets his or her personal Eucerin product recommendation.

Our service

Gekartel plc. chose and compiled the used hardware, synchronised the different components and integrated them into a system solution. In this project Gekartel plc. took responsibility for the development, CE audit and certification, and production to the worldwide roll-out. Since the beginning of the campaign we have been responsible for the service worldwide. It comprises an comprehensive project advice service, weekly operation checks, fault hotline, maintenance and remote content updates.
Eucerin, system solution for POS marketing & POS promotion
Henkel solution for POS

Henkel- the digital adhesive advisor

Challenges & objectives

Shoppers in construction markets search the right adhesive for a certain purpose. The waste variety of products presented to the shopper in the market, makes it difficult to decide upon a suitable adhesive. The interactive adhesive advisor  intends to solve this problem and, by easy and fast operation, recommend the right product.

Service & products

  • selection of appropriate hardware: POS-15 tablets, scanner, front panel according to the corporate design of Henkel
  • daily operation report
  • service hotline and maintenance
  • content updates
  • preparation of monthly statistics

Chamberlain – advisor for the right door operator

Challenges & objectives

Chamberlain, the global market leader for garage door drives, presented a new product line in 2017 at the construction market chain  Bauhaus. For this purpose, an exclusive display was designed and produced. Customers of the market were supposed to receive all relevant information for finding the right garage door drive in a quick and simple way. Thus, the advantages of local stores were complemented by digital advice. The shopper experiences a comprehensive advice at the point of sale.
A HTML5-application combines different products, drives and diverse component parts. Explanatory graphics, charts and a coherent mix of shopfitting  and POS-tablet create an information and product depth.

Service & products

  • selection of appropriate hardware: POS-10 tablets, offline with an update option through ADM via USB stick (plug & play)
  • focus on operational and manipulation safety 
  • multilingual content updates and statistics, available online via USB stick
  • software coordination and optimisation in cooperation with partner agency and customer
 reference image display Chamberlain

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