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Cost & time saving in operational business

We offer you custom-made solutions and services that enable a smooth and successful operation of your devices. Our solutions help to save expenses, time and money in ongoing operation:
  • operation control
  • content and system updates
  • support hotline
  • statistics and usage analyses
  • rental park
operation control for POS, retail, corporate & industry and real estate

Operation control

We regularly check status and usage of your systems at any site. Our operation control checks:
  • Are the devices in operation and online?
  • Are the devices and  periphery running smoothly?
  • Is there still enough paper for the printer?

As soon as we receive a fault message or routine status report, e.g. off status of device, we immediately fix the malfunction or send one of our technicians.

Content and system updates

In todays fast-moving times, your content as well as your systems need to be up-to-date at all times. No problem for us. We update your devices with our management system remotely from our head office in Dresden - centrally and simultaneously.

You save time, costs, expensive trips to the single sites, organisational effort and present your customers with up-to-date systems at all times.

A useful tip: Use this service for short-term promotions.
Content and system updates for POS, retai, industry & process management
Support hotline for POS, retai, industry & process management

Support hotline

In addition to our operation control we are operating a support hotline in the case of incidents that cannot be monitored by remote management, e.g. a damaged case. Good when the market staff or sales representatives can refer to a contact person directly on-site. Only one call and we take care of the malfunction or damage.

Our support hotline can be reached Monday to Friday 09.00 to 18.00.

We are happy to adapt our hotline service to your individual requirements such as term of service, daily availability or scope of fault handling.

Statistics and analyses

We provide you in regular terms - as agreed in the service contract - with  usage statistics of your devices including an evaluation of our experts. We make sure you are provided with up-to-date data at all times which gives you a maximum of transparency regarding the successful deployment of your systems.

Basic analysis
Our basic offer features an overview of the number of users, navigation elements, time and duration of usage.

Detailed analysis
It features additional data regarding the use of various navigation levels (level usage rate), level clicks, product scans, heatmaps etc.

Customized analysis
This options gves you the opportunity to set the parameters you wish to analyse.
Statistics & analysis for Pos, retail, corporate & industry
Rental park for POS, retail, industry & process management

Rental park

Renting instead of buying is worthwhile. You stay flexible at all times, save high aquisition costs and can benefit from considerable bookkeeping advantages.

Furthermore we are responsible for service and maintenance of all your devices for the whole rental term. We guarantee a smooth operation of your tablets and peripheral devices via our remote operation control system and our support hotline as well as fast troubleshooting.

Our content and system update management helps you to keep your content always up-to-date.

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