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Guidance by light control at the shopping rack

QuickFind®: Interactive light control at the shopping rack

Let your customers find your products in just a few seconds

QuickFind® gives you the opportunity to attract the shoppers attention to specific products - topsellers or product launches. The light control system gives optical signals and helps the customers find their way through the shopping jungle. 
QuickFind® is simple in installation and use consisting of our interactive POS tablets and the gekartel  QuickFind modul. It controls the wireless activation of the rack lighting. The customer selects a certain product via the touchscreen or gets a product advice via consultancy app. Parallel QuickFind® will light the rack position of the according product. This makes finding the right products a lot easier for your customers and draws the attention to your campaign products.

We make it possible to upgrade existing rack systems with gekartel QuickFind® in a fast and cost-effective way.
POS QuickFind