Our stelas & mounts

The perfect frame for your system solution

Our wide range of stelas and mounting solutions completes your hard- and software selection. Choose between stable freestanding stelas or mounts for wall and rack installation. All our solutions are VESA compatible. We are happy to develop your individual mounting solution.


Stable stelas for all purposes

GKT-Flex & GKT-Flex light

Stelas for POS marketing
Choose GKT-Flex und GKT-Flex light - our all-rounder to position your system solution in a detached and freestanding way. Pure design meets smart functions. The stelas are not only stable but are also made to hide and protect all cables and connections. The fields of application are almost unlinited. Choose the stelas for marketing at the point of sale, industrial purposes like process management, infopoint or check-in terminal. 

Space-saving & suitable for every installation purpose

Wall and rack mounts

Rack mountings

At the point of sale, it often is advisable to fix the system solution in the shopping rack. We offer you a wide range of rack mounts. Depending on the kind of rack, different systems of installation can be used, for instance magnetic or clipping systems. We are happy to support you finding the right mounting.

Wall mountings

If you choose to install your tablet safely and in a space-saving way at the wall we provide you with customized mounting solutions. We offer lockable mounts that are suitable for public areas. The power connection is savely placed  behind the mount. All ports and connections are covered by the mount which makes it vandal-proof.