Operation system software for PoS, retail, corporate & industry

Operation system software

Adaption to the infrastructure at the site of operation

Google Android

The operation system of the gekartel POS Tablets and the POS Box is based on Android. Android holds a market share of over 70% (EU) in the market of mobile devices and features over 2.5 mill. apps. That makes it the most versatile operating system and compatible to endless fields of application. Combined with the gekartel hardware, near-to-the-system interfaces like sensors and actuators can be controlled directly through the application. This  can be implemented with Android and also with HTML5 applications.

Minimum principle & hardening

We did remove all Android  applications and components not necessary in order to prevent interfaces getting connected to extern systems. This approach ensures that  apps and data on your gekartel device are safe from unauthorized access.

Individual adaptations

gekartel plc. did optimize the Android operating system in various points for the operation in public areas together with an efficient remote management system. Additional interfaces support this public operation and are only accessible by the components of gekartel plc. Besides updating content or operating system directly at the device by usb. stick or SD card, a remote distribution of content and patches is possible. We ensure that your devices are always showing the up-to-date content and are in operation 24/7.


The POS tablets of gekartel plc. can be enhanced by a variety of periphery devices in order to get the functions you need for your special application objectives. Classical input and output devices like usb. or network printers, barcode scanners and motion detectors, are complemented by more complex devices like scales or lighting systems. The control through the application is implemented by standard interfaces (e.g. JavaScript).